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Baltimore is a major city in Maryland with a long history as an important seaport. Fort McHenry, birthplace of the U.S. national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” sits at the mouth of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Today, this harbor area offers shops, upscale crab shacks and attractions like the Civil War–era warship the USS Constellation and the National Aquarium, showcasing thousands of marine creatures.

We have been buying and renovating properties in and around Baltimore City and Baltimore County for years. We take pride in helping homeowners get out of less-than-ideal circumstances and then fully remodel these houses into beautiful, new homes. Check out some of our recent transformations!

The Benefits Of  Cash Sale Of Your House . Call Us  – (855) 789-8829

The benefits of a cash sale are real:

  • money fast
  • when you need it most

You don’t have to deal with the hassles of waiting months for a buyer to get a mortgage, only to be told that the lender eliminated the program and you’re back to square one.

You don’t have to list your house with a real estate agent and pay a huge commission.

You don’t have to deal with a lot of people just “kicking the tires” and checking out your property for fun. We don’t waste your time. This is our business.

You don’t need to paint, make repairs, or even clean up. We take properties just as they are. You won’t waste money on junk haulers or contractors.

You don’t need to deal with any paperwork. We have it all cover

On The Market: When a house sold “on the market”, that means it’s usually listed by a real estate agent and sold after several potential VIP Keyz have seen the property and at least one has made an offer. Houses sold on the market will often be sold for approximately the same amount that other similar properties in the area have sold for. This is called “market price”.

Off The Market: When a house is sold “off the market”, that usually means the homeowner has decided to sell their home directly to a buyer instead of list their home. Houses sold off the market will often be sold for slightly less than their market price, this is called “below market price.”

Before you hire a realtor, take a moment to consider a trustworthy cash buyer or home investment company. There are so many advantages to working with our team! When you’re ready to get a free, no-obligation and no-pressure cash offer, you can contact us to schedule an appointment. We are flexible and able to work around your schedule. Our team does everything they can to provide you with a smooth and efficient transaction. No appraisals, no hidden fees, and no hassle—working with VIP Keyz is easy.

Baltimore Market:

  • Home prices are still well below the pre-recession peak (FHFA.gov) which means optimal price to rent ratios.
  • Unemployment rate below the national average (BLS.gov)
  • Job creation is attracting quality tenants as Baltimore was named one of the “Top 5 Best U.S. Cities to Find Work” (Careerist.com).
  • Median household income in Baltimore MSA is 30% higher than national average (Census.gov)


Average cost to sell a house in Maryland

If you sell your home for $320,640 (the average home value in Maryland), you could end up paying upwards of $54,509 to make it happen.

While your actual out-of-pocket total will vary based on your situation, expect to pay 10% or more of your home’s final sale price — that is, if you opt to do a standard listing with a traditional, full-service realtor.

Our process is very simple, there are only a couple of documents you need to get this process going.  Well, first you need to call us, that part is very important, make sure before you call us you have your title and your ID.  We have to prove that the vehicle is yours.  However, if you don’t have your title we can operate with out one, but we still need to make sure that the name matches your ID.

Call us up and within 30 seconds or less, you will have your quote and you will be waiting for our dispatch to contact you to schedule a pick up with you.  Then once our dispatch calls you, you will be on your way to getting your car removed off of your property.  Isn’t that great!

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