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 How to Sell Your House Fast For Cash

  1. Know the Value of Your Home. …
  2. Determine If You’re Selling It ‘As-Is’ …
  3. Look At Your Options. …
  4. Don’t Pay Any Up-Front Costs. …
  5. Research Companies. …
  6. You Can Get Offers Fast. …
  7. Your Sale Can Go Through Quickly. …
  8. You Don’t Have to Make Any Repairs.

Let’s explore the benefits of selling your property as-is for cash.



If you take the agent route, you’ll need preparations to get the house ready for viewing and photo sessions, leading to suitable offers. Some common preparations include conducting repairs on the floor, roofing, kitchen, outdoors, and de-personalizing.

As a trustee, the property at hand may be ruined or damaged, calling for considerable investment to get the house in good shape. According to Forbes advisor, it can cost you up to $6,000- $10,000 per room to repair a damaged floor. The aggregate cost of repairs may rise to over $100,000 when you factor in all aspects.


Typically a house that is in bad shape will sell slower than a well-maintained one. Therefore, it’s prudent to find a solution that can deliver a sale quicker.

The cash buying process involves a simple inspection and takes a few days. It’s, therefore, an ideal solution for financially distressed sellers — in need of cash to take care of medical emergencies, top-up for an alternative property, or cater for unforeseen cash needs.

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It’s the joy of any property owner in Los Angeles to sell a home quickly with minimal investment and hustle. However, it’s hardly the case when you consider dealing with agents, multiple buyers, and the associated marketing cost.

Below is a list of stressors you can avoid by selling an inherited home for cash in Los Angeles.

  • Open House Days: Selling a house through an agent or the owner requires open days to showcase its features. Hosting such events comes with preparation costs, security risks, and disruptions in your daily schedule.
  • Sellers Health Condition: Sellers sometimes go through emotionally and physically draining aspects like grief, illness, or job loss. Financial obligations continue to pile up despite such conditions, which is why you may need an alternative process— cash selling— where your input is barely required.



Selling a house is a lengthy and laborious process. It also involves multiple parties whose interests must correspond to strike a deal. There are several delays associated with the actions of buyers, sellers, and service providers.

Here’s a list of the possible causes of delay you can encounter on the way:

  • Lending Process: Most home buyers utilize credit facilities like a mortgage to finance the sale. The process is complicated as it involves a list of documents and fulfilling bank conditions to get the funds. Besides the typical preparation, the lending process can increase the waiting period by 2-4 weeks.
  • Irrational Buyers: A buyer who had committed to buying a property can suddenly decline to acquire the home. The seller then has to seek legal redress or find a new buyer, requiring more time, preparation, and investment.
  • Contractors Delays: Pre-sale preparation requires a facelift, which is why you need contractors. Being a third party, you have minimal control over how quickly and efficiently they dispense their duties.


No Real Estate Commissions/Closing Costs

In the Dundalk area, most Realtors charge 6% commission. Saving on paying real estate commissions will give you more room to negotiate.

Additionally, cash buyers also typically pay all closing costs – something that tends to be covered by the seller in a traditional agent led market sale. Those closing costs can save sellers 1-3% of the sales price.

While you won’t need to pay any commissions or closing costs, your net profit from the sale may still be lower than what you would get if you sold the home on the traditional market. 

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