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Pamela Harris

How to Sell Your Baltimore Home in 7 Days

  1. 1) Remove your listing for five days. Touch up your ad. …
  2. 2) Price your house at 5 percent less than the last sale in your neighborhood. …
  3. 3) Offer a “One Day Only” sale. …
  4. 4) Offer financial incentives. …
  5. 5) Consider creative incentives. …
  6. 6) Make the right first impression.

What’s the Quickest Way to Sell a House?

First, the quickest way to sell your house and still make a sweet profit is to work with a real estate agent—one who has a long history of selling homes like hotcakes. Sure, there are other gimmicky ways to sell a house even faster. But selling your home to a third-party buyer that quickly resells it usually means a huge cut to your profit. No thanks.

The reason working with an experienced real estate agent is the fastest way to sell your home is because they know how to:

  • Price your home right. Overpriced homes scare away buyers and keep your home sitting on the market too long. Agents know how to correctly compare your home to similar homes that recently sold in the area to help you price it right from the start.
  • Stage your home for buyers. Even if your house is clearly a dream home, buyers will be hesitant to purchase if it isn’t presented right. Agents help you stage your home in a way that inspires buyers.
  • Execute a full-scale marketing strategy. If your home isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier, it may take some creative marketing to highlight its unique features. Experienced agents offer a treasure chest of techniques to target the right buyers.
  • Help you pick the right offer. An expert agent knows how to weed out buyers who show signs of slowing down the process—whether that be related to an offer price that’s absurdly low or some kind of fishy contingencies.
  • Negotiate the best deal. When it comes to negotiating a $300,000 price tag, it’s nearly impossible to avoid going back and forth before reaching an agreement. An agent who handles big ticket negotiations every day knows how to help you land a fair deal quickly and smoothly.

Remember, an experienced real estate agent has been through the entire home-selling process countless times already. 

Selling a House with a Real Estate Agent

Research shows that agents’ “listings generally sell for more money”, certainly more than FSBOs (For Sale By Owners’). They found that in 2017, long before corona, that home owners who were helped by an agent, sold for “30% more (at an average $250K, than homes sold by the owner (on average $190K)

A good realtor will understand your needs, and will to guide you through selling your home, while getting the best deal possible. 

A good real estate agent will be able to advise you on: 

  • What needs repairing. 
  • Staging your home. 
  • Marketing your listing.
  • Pricing your home.
  • Negotiations.
  • Final closing and paperwork.

Ideally, your agent should be able to handle delays and walk you through how to deal with mishaps during escrow.

The negatives: 

The success of selling your home depends on the health of the economy, and is dependent on how fast homes sell in your area and mortgage rates. In a more expensive area, it can be difficult to sell your home.

Despite more homeowners going to a real estate agent, there are pitfalls. Agents can make up to 5-6% commission on the total sale of your home; it won’t come from the profit you make. 

Ideally, your agent should be your trusted friend, but it doesn’t always work like that. Like many of us, agents are busy people, so deadlines for selling your homes may get missed. If they are busy, your home may not get the attention from buyers that it deserves.  

To a degree, how quickly you sell your home depends on your agent’s priorities. For whatever reason, it may not suit them to sell your home quickly.

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