How to sell my house fast in Catonsville, MD


Pamela Harris

Can you sell a house as is in Catonsville?

Catonsville. MD is somewhat unique in that sellers can choose between either giving the buyer a disclosure of known defects or a disclaimer as to the condition of the house (but not both). In the latter case, you would be selling the property “as is,” but must at least mention any known latent defects.


Follow These 10 Tips If You Are Selling A House In Catonsville By Owner


  • 1. Scope Out the Competition (Be A Nosey Neighbor)
  • 2. Give Catonsville Buyers What They Want
  • 3. Analyze Catonsville’s Real Estate Market Data for a Correct Listing Price
  • 4. Make Sure Your Real Estate Photographs Don’t Suck
  • 5. Your Secret Weapon (VIP Keyz )
  • 6. Don’t Get Yourself Sued or Fined
  • 7. Attract Offers from Local Catonsville Buyers
  • 8. Be a Shrewd Negotiator
  • 9. Don’t Let the Deal Fall Through in Escrow
  • 10. Turn Over the Keys at Closing


How can I sell my house fast for a good price in Catonsville, MD?

If you need to sell your property quickly, drop the asking price to about 90% of the market value. It’s a much more costeffective way than simply waiting to sell at the original asking price or using a quick house sale company, which pay on average 75% of market value

What adds most value to a house?

Ten of the best ways to add value to your home
  • Convert your garage to living space. …
  • Extend the kitchen with a side-return extension. …
  • Loft conversion to add a bedroom. …
  • Increase living space with a conservatory. …
  • Apply for planning permission. …
  • Kerb and garden appeal. …
  • Get a new bathroom. Potential Value Added: 3-5% …
  • Make the living area open-plan. Potential Value Added: 3 to 5%


Is Maryland a full disclosure state?

Under Maryland law, a real estate licensee must disclose to all parties material facts the licensee knows or should have known.

Are cash offers for houses legit?

A quick review of “We Buy Houses for Cash” sites shows that real estate investors that offer to buy homes quickly for cash usually offer around 65% – 94% of a home’s value. … A great real estate agent, on the other hand, will conduct a comparative market analysis to price your house right at market value and sell fast.


Why would a home seller only accept cash?

When the listing states “only accepting cash offers” it means the seller does not want to wait for a buyer to get his financing approved or be subject to conditions from the lender that the seller may have to satisfy – and he wants a fast close.

Do home sellers care about down payment?

While price is definitely one of the biggest considerations, sellers will scrutinize every part of that offer, including the amount of your down payment. … Not only are there government-backed mortgage programs that accept low to no down payments, but conventional mortgage requirements have also eased up over the years.

How Can You Pay Your Cash To Close?

  1. Cashier’s Check. A cashier’s check is a check certified by your bank. …
  2. Certified Check. A certified check tells the lender you have enough money in your account to cover the cost. …
  3. Wire Transfer. …
  4. Cash. …
  5. Credit Or Debit Card. …
  6. Personal Check.

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