Questions to Ask when You Sell Your House for Cash


Pamela Harris

If you are interested in selling your house fast, for cash, you may begin investigating the various buyers available. While some make unrealistic promises and guarantees, it is better to get all the information before making a decision. To avoid we buy houses scams, it’s important to know your options and to ask the right questions.

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions, which will help you decide whether or not you should work with a certain fast cash home buyer.

What is Your Background in the ‘Sell My House Fast’ Community?

Selling a home properly takes time and effort. In fact, if you really want to make the best deal possible, you need to know exactly who you will be working with. This is especially the case for those of you who will be selling your home to a company that buys properties for cash all of the time. Therefore, you should avoid jumping quickly at just any cash offer that is made to you. One of the best ways to find out if you are making a good deal is to research the background and history of the company that makes the offer. For instance, is this the first    that the company is offering? Or, does the company work with others regularly on sell my house projects all of the time. Whatever the case or situation, it is important that you are familiar with the background and the history of the cash buyer. Click Here to know more about VIP Keyz .

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How long have you been in business?

As you can imagine, a newer company most likely doesn’t have a long track record on how they’ve handled sellers and their unique transaction in the past.  As it’s been said, the best prediction of the future is from past performance.  With no track record to see how they handle their business, is just like rolling the dice hoping for a good roll. 

Does the house need to have repairs done?

VIP Keyz purchase properties “as-is” so you don’t have to do anything to the house, no matter the condition.

Significant structural issues such as foundation or roof instability, severe water damage, or plumbing/electrical problems could cut a lot into the profit you’ll get if you’re choosing to sell on your own. If you have the time and the money, investing heavily in major repairs like these could help bring your home back up to snuff and give you a shot at securing a better selling price.

You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of spending that cash to determine if you can truly make it back through a more robust asking price.

Do you have good reviews or testimonials?

Any reputable cash house buying company should have a vast testimonial packet or reviews from satisfied clients.  If someone cannot or will not provide these, this should be a red flag.

Can you provide a same day offer?

Same day offers are available in some cases, but it all depends on the location and condition of the house. Speak with the company you are considering using to determine whether or not this is possible.

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Does the cash buyer provide an earnest money deposit?

Remember, when you are dealing with serious cash buyers, they are willing to go the extra mile to secure the property that they are interested in. Therefore, if you are requiring an Earnest payment from the investor to pursue this kind of sale, they are usually more than happy to satisfy this requirement. For instance, when the buyer wants to prove that they have the dedication and the financial capabilities to pursue this cash deal, they will put up the earnest money deposit without any unnecessary issues. This works out quite well for people looking to sell their house fast.

Are there any hidden fees or closing costs?

Most companies are going to pay all the closing costs associated with the sell. In most cases, the only fees that the property owner is going to be responsible for paying is the prorated portion of the property taxes, the state tax and any leftover mortgage payment. There are never any hidden costs when you use the services of a reputable cash for houses company.

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Ask about the length of the closing period?

The closing period for a cash transaction is a lot shorter than the traditional sale of your home. In fact, with a cash sale, you can expect the buyer to agree to a time frame that is as little as 2 to 3 days. Of course, one of the primary driving factors behind this kind of quick sale is usually up to the owner of the property, and their need to finalize the sale of the home within a matter of days.

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