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How to Sell Your House in Essex!

We Buy Houses in Essex and the Surrounding Areas!

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Sell your Essex home the fast, simple and stress-free way! We will make you a direct offer, while providing you with information about all of your selling options. We want to help you make the selling decision that will work best for you!

Let us help you stop the bills, frustrations, and headaches from an unwanted property! We will provide you with a great, no-obligation offer for your house in Essex! Sell your house as-is, closing for more and in less time than you may think! We will close on most properties in 30 days or less!

Why Sell to VIP Keyz?

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Our 6-Step Process To Easy Home Selling In Essex MD For Out-Of-State Residents

How does selling to an cash home buyer work? The process is easy, with only one visit to your property to do a full assessment and provide a firm offer on the house. You can even sell your house while remaining remote, you don’t need to meet us in person near Riverside for our team to successfully buy your house, pay you in cash, and smoothly manage the ownership closing documents.

Here’s our six-step process for easily selling your home nearby or from your new distant location.

  1. Contact – Let us know you want to sell a home! We can’t get started on your offer unless we know you’re looking to sell. Head over to our online contact form and let us know which home you’d like to sell along with other pertinent information. Otherwise, call (855) 789-8829 to talk about your home selling plans with a live person if online forms aren’t your thing.
  2. Initial Phone Call – If you don’t call us, we’ll call you. During our initial phone call, we’ll help you walk through the details of your home along with any maintenance concerns, history, and your need to sell remotely from outside MD County. Don’t worry, we’ve worked with many remote sellers before when time just doesn’t lend itself to a leisurely home sale.
  3. Call Back Estimate – After our initial conversation, we’ll do a bit of research on your home. Using our extensive resources and your disclosed information, we will determine the general value of the home and any potential costs before we can get it back on the market. From these calculations, we’ll make an estimate. Once we have an estimate, we’ll call you back with ballpark numbers for your home sale.
  4. On-Location Meeting and Offer – We will send a representative to tour your property and to get a feel for the home. Fortunately, you don’t need to be there in person. With a proxy, an agent, or just a property lock box, we’ll explore the property and take notes on the general state of the home. This will influence our final offer as we complete our assessment of the house.  When the walk through is finished, it is very likely our team member will provide an offer that same day to you via email or phone.
  5. Review the Offer – Now it’s your turn to think and take action. Once you have been provided the offer, there is no negotiation like with typical selling.  Decide whether you like the price and if you want to accept the offer. Take your time in making a decision.
  6. Acceptance of Offer – When you’re ready to move forward and get your cash, let us know that you accept the offer. From this point, we will deliver you the money and help you to smoothly manage ‘closing’ through the title’s office and other real estate authorities.

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