A Direct Sale vs. Hiring a Baltimore Agent


Pamela Harris

Make the smart move and compare the true figures of using an agent vs. a selling directly when selling your house in Baltimore.

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Clean Up

The traditional method of listing a property means you’ll have to keep your house spotless at all times for showing appointments. There is no such concern when you make a direct sale to VIP Keyz Baltimore. Also, if you find yourself with an unexpected inheritance you simply can’t physically or financially handle cleaning out, let alone maintaining, we can ease your troubles. And if you own a rental property that is in less than perfect condition and the tenant has left a huge mess behind, a direct sale is the ideal because all you have to do is walk away. Keep this in mind when deciding between hiring an agent vs. a direct sale to VIP Keyz Baltimore when selling your house in Baltimore.

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True Cost of Listing

While the price an agent tells you that your house may sell for on the market can sound great, you should be aware that there are costs that come with that number. Commissions and fees are simply not the only expense that will be involved with your listing contract. These can include anything from repairs to your home, staging, renting a storage unit to hold your belongings, and marketing expenses. All of these extra costs are in on top of closing and other fees your real estate agent may charge. By choosing to make a direct sale to VIP Keyz Baltimore, the price you’re offered is the amount you’ll actually receive for the property. You don’t need to concern yourself with any of those other hidden and not so hidden costs that go along with a traditional sale that eats away at the profits you were counting on.  Consider the true cost of listing when you’re contemplating hiring an agent vs. a direct sale to VIP Keyz Baltimore when selling your house in Baltimore.

Professional Expenses

Real estate agents charge commissions as well as other charges. Buyers agents nearly always order inspections. Inspectors are their fee is usually your responsibility as the seller. Appraisers and those handling closings charge fees as well, all adding to the cost to sell your house in Baltimore.

Making a direct sale commonly means that there are no commissions and no inspections, repairs or even the initial investments involved in updates and making the overall appearance of the property appealing.

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Delays In Baltimore

Due to the nature of traditional listings, there is no ETA on the closing when selling your house in Baltimore MD through a real estate agent. Additionally, depending on the buyer’s circumstances, there may be delays in the actual closing date. 

An upside of selecting a direct sale for your property is that you’ll sell your home in Baltimore MD within a short timeframe and there won’t be any delays in closing due to failed inspections or financing issues. 

Simple Process Of Work

Our process is simple and direct. You won’t have to deal with property showings, an unknown closing timetable, or delays in the transaction. Selling your Baltimore house doesn’t require you to spend money or live in limbo.

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